Hi! I am tru3n0 a Ruby Backend Developer based on Spain.

I’ve been programming since childhood, I started with Turbo Pascal at the age of eleven. I was a video game addict at that time and I tried a lot of times to finish a video game but my entire efforts fail and I only developed a few demos and interfaces.

At thirteen my passion for linux made me learn a lot about systems administration, so when I was eighteen with no experience I send my resume to some companies. One of them wanted to test my skills as a linux administrator and I ended getting the job.

After a few years working and programming on my free time I decided to change my career and focus only on programming, It was hard, I learned how to use a lot of PHP frameworks and CMS, but in 2007 I attended a Ruby on Rails conference and I bought an O’Reilly book. Since then I loved the language and specially the framework.

Nowadays I still learning and I don’t get discouraged. I love Ruby.