Well. This has been a tough year. Very difficult in so many ways. At least I’m sure I have found real love. A real, close and deep connection with a woman. For the first time in my life I feel the immensity of that word, and the power that holds inside. At the beginning it feels like your entire world and even image of yourself is melting down. So who you really are? This time that doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you are going to born again in a new being. This “new” being seems like a mental image of yourself (at least for me) close to an illusion, but with a strain that makes you feel that this is an eternal gift and you are going to a place where the physical doesn’t matter that much. In one word: Eternity.

Is strange when you realize that every picture that has been in front of you will continue to manifest in some way forever.

As weird as it sounds your aura will manifest that energy in yourself and your surroundings, nature and fellows.

Somehow love continues to be the only possible way to interpret reality, but where is the handbrake when you are dealing with the most delightful dreams and you have to go back to “reality”, I mean, work, school, family, friends…?

I started to believe the words of an spiritual teacher told me more than 6 years ago: «We are One».

I want to finish this with a fragment of one of my favourite Nu Metal bands P.O.D.

Cause I, I’m addicted, To all the colors that I see, that you hold in front of me, And you have changed, yeah you have changed me”