Actually this post has nothing to do with his title. I was reading some of the thoughts of James Baudrillard about the consumer society and just re-realized the quote from The Matrix movie: “Watch them liquefy the dead so they could be fed intravenously to the living.” We are just living the same production/consuming cycles over and over again.

I’ts funny how Baudrillard refers to it as an endless Apocallypsis. But actually it is. Most of us realized it at some point and just get through it as an skeptical consumer or an outsider that tries in some way to fight or accelerate the timing of this cycles trying to stay focused on what we believe it’s real. So things like old unix systems, nice programming languages as Ruby, not only because of it’s cool and friendly but because of the philosophy it holds inside because of it’s creator awareness of this phenomena, the impermanence of things, and some other concepts fairly more extended in Asia that now are being feed (again) into occidental culture. But not in the form of pseudo-spirituality full of LSD and special effects but as a new point of view about current consumer society.

We are totally misunderstanding the aesthetics enhancements that brings spirituality. With a new concept of consumption that calls for this “symbolic eyes” and unreal perception of what Zen means to reality or even spirituality.

In brief… this only makes me feel more comfortable using again and again the work of the elder wizards like the people behind the FreeBSD project, Ruby On Rails and more recently Ember.js as a way to avoid this spiral of auto-destruction we call society nowadays.

It’s time to seat back and see the system trying to do a very-fast-hard-reset.