During this two years I have been being more and more antisocial. I just attended to family reunions and abandoned all my morning visits to my nearest coffee shop. I used to go every day, drink orange juice with two sandwhiches and look around me for a while. I found comfort in silence. I used to do a lot of walking every day, but somehow I feel very distracted from my purpose, that of endure on my skills.

So now, I stay almost always at my house, working remotely, reading books, mostly philosophical books, but also fantasy and science fiction. I remember reading Arthur Schopenhauer and get very deppresed, but not everything was bad, he draws reality in a very fatalist way but describes the stages of life very well. Even as a person who only worked 3 hours a day, he remained focused on his work. One of the things that has struck me the most is his belief that being poor in the old age is the hardest thing that can happen to a person. That idea stuck on my head.

When I started with Nietzsche the contrary happens to me, I felt full of energy and willing to achieve anything.

In this two years I learned a lot with this two authors. I could summarize it in three important aspects you have to choose to improve your life. And are these:

  1. Choose to live where the wheather is with you.
  2. Eat well, all kinds of food and avoid alcohol whenever you can.
  3. Choose your spiritual food well, I mean books, movies, music and activities.